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In this video Ed shows How To Skip Trace Property Owners Online FREE. Once you've found some potential deals, you need to get in contact with the owners to give them an offer! Here's how to get their contact information online for free. Take notes!

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This is a 5-part FREE video training series brought to you by Ed Hayes - The Wholesale Coach. Check out the rest of the videos below! Click the images to pop open the videos

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How To Make Facebook Ads For Real Estate

Duration: 16:19 mins

Running Facebook ads to attract motivated sellers can be a POWERFUL marketing strategy with an enormous ROI. Get the guide free!


What To Say To Cash Buyers

Duration: 8:04 mins

When you're wholesaling your customers are your buyers. In this video Ed shows you how to talk to cash buyers. Download the script free!


How to Virtually Wholesale Houses Nationwide

Duration: 18:51 mins

Do you want to wholesale houses from the comfort of home but don't know where to get started? In this video Ed will show you his business model for virtually wholesaling nationwide


How To Get Started Wholesaling

Duration: 14:33 mins

Here's a PowerPoint presentation Ed created to give you the step by step blueprint to get started wholesaling real estate


Wholesale Real Estate Contracts

Price: $49

Now you can instantly get access to all the files Ed uses to run his 7-figure wholesaling business on a daily basis all throughout the nation. Purchase and sale agreements, assignment contracts, JV agreements and more right at your fingertips


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