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Are you ready to scale your wholesale real estate business? This is the only real estate script you'll ever need if you want to close consistent deals!

Tools of the Trade


I've included everything needed in the Wholesaler's Toolbox

  • Learn How To Wholesale Houses

    Take your wholesaling education to the next level from the comfort of home. I really put my heart into creating the best possible online courses for wholesaling. Learn everything from building your team to finding great deals and closing.

  • One-on-one Wholesale Real Estate Coaching

    I'll guide you step by step through the process of wholesaling houses. We'll have strategy sessions and I'll be your accountability partner. You'll not only have a mentor, you'll have a new team member

  • Motivated Seller & Cash Buyer Leads

    These are the same leads I use to run my business on a daily basis. If you're ready to get started reaching out to motivated sellers and cash buyers, this is the place to begin 

  • Contracts & Other Files

    These are the files I use to run my business on a daily basis. Purchase and Sale Agreements, JV Agreements, Assignment Contracts, all of my scripts, direct mail templates and so much more! Over 100 files to help you take action today.

  • Done-For-You Facebook Ads

    Copy and paste my proven done-for-you Wholesaling Facebook Ads Funnel! Get all the ads, images, emails and landing page copy that convert motivated sellers into closed deals!

  • Wholesaling Marketing Headlines

    When it comes to the wholesaling industry, your marketing needs to be air tight and well-rounded from your landing page to your social media posts.


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Wholesaler University

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Wholesale Real Estate Contracts

That get the job done.

Get access to Edward's database of contracts, scripts and templates he uses everyday to run his six-figure wholesaling business. You won't find these anywhere else! Get more deals done in less time


Dallas, TX

When I first started my wholesaling business, I was very overwhelmed, confused and wasn't making any good progress. I work a very stressful job where I didn't think I would be capable of running a successful business. The coaching program has been very beneficial, my business is lot more organized and I'm a lot closer to closing my first deal


Washington, DC

At first I was stuck to the point I had no clue other than the general stuff. Ed showed me his everyday systems and honestly made it so simple. He gave me the confidence to go out and use his system and will never fail


Tampa, FL

Ed has been a wonderful teacher and mentor for me. He always puts out useful content and is very active in his trainings and responds to his clients. Going through his coaching and with all the files he includes really helped it become easier instead of me searching for all the different forms needed, I had them all in one place. 


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Need A Wholesaling Mentor & Coach?

I offer 1 on 1 coaching to people who want to discover how to wholesale houses like the ELITE! I've personally coached hundreds of wholesalers nationwide to get their first (or next) deal. My clients have earned over $2,000,000 in assignment fees, purchased properties and started various other businesses. If you want to get a hands-on coach that will make sure you "get it", Click the Schedule A Call button below to see how to get started.


Dayton, OH

Ed Hayes helped me out a lot in the beginning. I did his mentor-ship services and got tons of valuable information. Great mentor and great guy. He was always there when I asked a question, and definitely worth investing in!


Brooklyn, NY

Hi, Ed Thank you so much. I actually finished the course an in the process of building my team now. I am so thankful for this it has me brought me a lot of insight into wholesaling. I appreciate you.


Baltimore, MD

He's given me tips and strategies on how to implement them and take action. I always talk to people about Edward and I would recommend anybody to give him a chance and try him out​


Earned By My Clients and I


Jobs Walked Away From


Happy Clients


6-Figure Clients


Copy And Paste My Proven Done-For-You Wholesaling Facebook Ads Funnel!

Start converting more leads in less time  with online ads that turn clicks into closed deals once and for all


  • What Makes A Facebook Ads Campaign Successful?

    We've compiled all of the pieces of the Facebook Ads puzzle together for you so you focus on doing what you do best, let us take care of the ads for you


  • The Ad Copy

    The words you use help people determine whether they want to work with you or not. The ad copy should speak to your target audience. 


  • The Ad Images

    The average attention span of a human is less than that of a goldfish. In our highly visual digital landscape your ads need to POP


  • The Landing Page

    A clearly defined Call To Action entices your prospect to take specific actions on your site. You want them clicking and calling you, not just browsing 


  • The Follow-Up Email Sequence

    All of the money is in the follow-up! Most people won't immediately schedule a call with you or fill out a form. A quality email sequence nurtures your prospects and helps them learn more about your products and services over time and contact you when you've warmed them up

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The headline is an important aspect of the content that you use to promote your real estate business and a lot of investors spend way too much time and energy trying to craft the perfect headline.


Shocker is that only a few of them succeed in creating headlines that grab the attention of their prospects.


Why waste your time and mental energy trying to be creative looking for the perfect thing to write when everything has been done for you on a platter in this phenomenal headline stash?


Decatur, IL

Before starting the program, I had no leads coming in and struggling to find any. Now with the help from Ed, I have two deals under contract and working on my third one​


Pittsburgh, PA

You really are the truth, so many high achievers want to take advantage of people like me who are hungry for success. Thank you brother, I really am grateful for you being here to genuinely help me out


Boston, MA 

FreedomGps works! And my man Ed will help you change your life... Guys if your serious about being an entrepreneur, get yourself a coach, and my man Ed is that guy. 

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The Most Powerful Real Estate Investing Tool Available

The 7-Day Free Trial Includes:


  • Information on over 160 Million Properties
  • Customizable Comps and Nearby Listings
  • Step-by-Step Analysis Wizard
  • Repair Estimator
  • Homeowner and Contact Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Skip Tracing
  • Instant Websites and Landing Pages
  • Lead Management
  • Postcards and Direct Mail
  • Comparative Market Analysis


I started wholesaling real estate in 2016 and found some success early on after some difficulties. I started coaching people with hopes of helping real estate professionals take their businesses to the next level. I've since went on to create an entire platform designed to make wholesaling easier than ever for anyone who wants to learn.

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